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6 Dec 2019

Guess Who This Is....

Favourite Playing Position: MidField

Favourite club as a child: Leeds Utd

Favourite ever player: Johnny Giles

Most memorable match: Brazil 4 - Italy 1 in the Mexico 1970 World Cup Final

Favourite other sport to play or watch: Cricket to play, boxing to watch

Favourite other sportsperson: Jeff Thomson

Favourite Food or Drink: Roast dinner with coffee and lager

Favourite TV/Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Favourite Song/Group/Singer: House of the Rising Sun by The Animals and anything by Roy Orbison

Dream Walking Football Team

(I have chosen players with the best ball control and finding the net)

1. GK: Gordon Banks

2. Johan Cruyff

3. Eden Hazard

4. Lionel Messi

5. George Best

Sub: Jimmy Greaves

Manager: Pep Guardiola


Favourite Playing Position: Any

Favourite club as a child: Liverpool

Favourite ever player: Steve Heighway

Most memorable match: Arsenal v Liverpool Cup Final 1971

Favourite other sport to play or watch: Clay pigeon shooting

Favourite other sportsperson: Ray Clemence

Favourite Food or Drink: Curry and lager

Favourite TV/Movie: We Were Soldiers

Favourite Song/Group/Singer: Ultravox

Dream Walking Football Team

1. GK: Ray Clemence

2. Kevin Keegan

3. Mo Salah

4. John Toshack

5. Steve Heighway

Sub: Tommy Smith and Ron Yeats

Manager: Bill Shankly


Favourite Playing Position: Striker 

Favourite club as a child: Everton FC

Favourite ever player: Kevin Keegan

Most memorable match: 

84-85 European Cup Winners Everton 3 - 1 Rapid Wein

Favourite other sport to play or watch: Golf

Favourite other sportsperson: Nigel Ben

Favourite Food or Drink: Beef curry and cider

Favourite TV/Movie: Star Wars Films

Favourite Song/Group/Singer: ACDC Whole lot of Rosie

Dream Walking Football Team

1. GK: Neville Southall

2.Paolo Maldini

3.Paul Gascoigne

4.Zinedine Zidane

5. Lionel Messi

Sub:  Diego Maradina

Manager: Pep Guardiola

Chris Jones Troon AFC Walking Football
Chris Jones Troon AFC Walking Football

Meet the Coach / Chairman - Chris Jones 

Troon AFC WF Player Profile

Name: Chris Jones

Age: 54

Favourite Playing Position: Goalkeeper

Favourite club as a child: Leeds

Favourite ever player: Rob Ursell

Most memorable match: AFC Wimbledon v Luton P/O Final

Favourite other sport to play or watch:

Play - Snooker

Watch -Rugby

Favourite other sportsperson: Ian Botham

Favourite Food or Drink: Home made Scotch Eggs

Favourite TV/Movie: The West Wing

Once Upon a Time in America

Favourite Song/Group/Singer: Prefab Sprout

Dream Walking Football Team:

(Hint:You can choose any football player, from any era, to be in your perfect team)

1. GK  Neville Southall

2. Paulo Maldini

3. Lionel Messi

4. Rob Ursell

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Sub: Ronaldinho

Manager:  Jurgen Klopp



Age: 12
Favourite Playing Position: Anywhere they'll have me 
Favourite club as a child: Derby County 
Favourite ever player: Raich Carter, Mr Downey (ask me and I'll explain!)
Most memorable match: 1966 World Cup Final 
Favourite other sport to play or watch: Still trying to find what I'm good at 
Favourite Food or Drink: Cheese sandwich and a pint
Favourite TV/Movie: Oliver
Favourite Song/Group/Singer: Simon and Garfunkel, Tommy Armstrong, NE Folk

Dream Walking Football Team
1. GK: Gilbert Merrick
2. George Cummings
3. Howard Kendall
4. Raich Carter
5. Alan Shearer
Sub: Tom Mason
Manager: Brian Clough

Dave H.

Favourite Playing Position: No. 10
Favourite club as a child: Arsenal 
Favourite ever player: Pele / Dennis Bergkamp 
Most memorable match: U12 5 a side county final or Sunderland winning FA cup or England v Poland qualifier 
Favourite other sport to play or watch: Table tennis 
Favourite other sportsperson: Nigel Benn, Desmond Douglas, Usain Bolt, Johnny Wilkinson
Favourite Food or Drink: Pasty
Favourite TV/Movie: Das Boot, Pulp Fiction, Big Lebowski
Favourite Song/Group/Singer: David Bowie, Waterboys, Glen Campbell

Dream Walking Football Team
1. GK: Gordon Banks or De Gea
2. Maldini or Gerrard
3. Scholes or Cruyff
4. Simon of Troon or Ronaldo or Eusebio
5. Messi or Le Tissier
Sub: George Best or Pele or Maradona pre1990 or Zidane
Manager: Roy Hodgson or Pep or Sir Alf



Favourite Playing Position: Left back / Centre Half 

Favourite ever player: Duncan Edwards 

Most memorable match: 1953 Cup Final 

Favourite other sport to play or watch: Lawn Bowls / Cricket 

Favourite Food or Drink: Roast Beef 

Favourite TV/Movie: Vera 

Favourite Song/Group/Singer: Elvra Madigan / James Last 

Dream Walking Football Team

1. GK: Gordon Banks 

2. Bobby Charlton 

3. Jimmy Greaves

4. Geoff Hurst

5. Duncan Edwards 

Sub: Jack Charlton 

Manager: Bill Shankley



Favourite Playing Position: Midfield 

Favourite club as a child: Liverpool 

Favourite ever player: Ian Rush

Favourite other sport to play or watch: Snooker / Pool 

Favourite Food or Drink: Snickers / Beer

Favourite Song/Group/Singer: Michael Jackson 


Can you guess the name of this Troon AFC Walking Football player?

Favourite Playing Position: Holding Midfield 

Favourite club as a child: Arsenal 

Favourite ever player: Tony Adams 

Most memorable match: Arsenal winning the title at Anfield 

Favourite other sport to play or watch: Rugby - played at school and youth level 

Favourite other sportsperson: Steve Redgrave 

Favourite Food or Drink: Pale ale 

Favourite TV/Movie: It's A Wonderful Life 

Favourite Song/Group/Singer: The Killers 

Dream Walking Football Team

1. GK: Dino Zoff

2. Tony Adams 

3. Patrick Viera

4. Thierry Henry

5. Diego Maradona 

Sub: Franz Beckenbauer 

Manager: Arsene Wenger

Troon AFC Walking Football