Troon AFC Walking Football 

Troon AFC Walking Football 


Memory Lane - Stimulate your mind and start a conversation with our blasts from the past!  

An active mind means a quick thinking footballer so pull up an arm chair and start training...

26 May 2020
5 Mar 2020

What did you read as a child?

Today is World Book Day - turn the clock back to when you were 10 years old - if you were going to school today dressed as your favourite book character who would you go as?
Tom Mason
I have never stopped reading them. The Complete World of Winnie the Pooh
4 Mar 2020

Fight for your memories 

Click here to read about how important our sporting memories are to us and why we, at Troon AFC Walking Football, will be starting our very own sporting memories club, to go along side these articles. 
28 Feb 2020

What Football kits have you owned?

Was it second hand or new?

Which team?

Short shorts or long?

Did your shirt stretch in the rain and get heavier as you played?

Did you ever wear your kit off the pitch?

What else do you remember about your Football gear?

23 Feb 2020
Troon AFC Walking Football