Troon AFC Walking Football 

Troon AFC Walking Football 


We are Troon AFC Walking Football, Cornwall. Check in here, for up to date information or look at our Home Page to find out more. 

18 Sep 2021

Winter Training 

A reminder that from Weds 6th October we will be training indoors at Pool Academy sports hall 6-8pm. 

Friday Training outdoors at Camborne College Astro 7-8pm under floodlights from Friday 8th October.

There will be no training at Grouter Park in October. 

17 Sep 2021

South west team 

Or wonderful keeper Clive played for the WFA Over 70s Southwest team today in Gloucestershire. 

Match details to follow.

17 Sep 2021
Football training tonight. 6:30-7:30pm
13 Sep 2021

Marvellous Mizzley Walking Football 

Smashing turn out tonight for Football in the rain (nothing to do with cake being on offer!) We played 'til it got dark (because we were all told we had to be home when it got dark 😉) and welcomed Ann to her first session and Craig to his second. 

(Sorry  for the lack, and poor quality) of photos was so dark our camera was struggling 😂)

11 Sep 2021

St Agnes Friendly TEAM NEWS 

St Agnes have invited us to Chiverton Park to play in a friendly match on Monday 20th September KO at 6:30pm

We will take a squad of 8 there and everyone else will have training as usual.

St Agnes have mainly 50 and 60yr old players. 

We are pleased to announce that our squad for St Agnes will be :









Please meet at the Chiverton Arms pub carpark on the Chiverton Cross roundabout

at 6-6:15pm ready for a 6:30pm KO

11 Sep 2021

Fun, Fitness and Friendship (and banana cake)

Thanks for the great review Craig and well done to everyone who was there last Monday for making such a good impression. We think you've all earned some banana cake for next Monday! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

10 Sep 2021
9 Sep 2021

Over 50s Exeter 

The first date is now October 17th and not September 19th. 

This is because Bournemouth have requested the change.

I am assured that if a team cannot attend a given date in future they will forfeit their points. 

6 Sep 2021

Wonderful Walking Football 

A wonderful sunny session of Walking Football tonight, under a strange yellow ball in the sky! And what an amazing sport and wonderful chaps where everyone is included no matter age or ability. Well done everyone. 👍🏻⚽️
30 Aug 2021

A wonderful Evening of Football 

Excellent Football tonight and change in the usual drills to mix things up a bit. Plus we inducted a new member into our Fifties Club. Well done Geoff, and thankyou ⚽️👍🏻
23 Aug 2021

Super Sunny (well, not raining anyway!) Troon : perfect fun, friendship and Football 

A wonderful session tonight with good passing skills and lots of laughter. 
18 Aug 2021

A message from our sponsors 

Our lovely sponsors, Old Guys Rule, have seen our pictures in the paper and sent us this message....

"We're pleased to hear you are all well and back on the pitch! The shirts are looking great! The OGR team all send their congratulations on the successes!"

17 Aug 2021

So how do I improve as a footballer? Individually? As part of a team?

Whether we improve as a footballer, a team mate or as a person, depends on our mindset. How we think about ourselves, our skills and interactions has a massive impact on not only how our team performs but on our personal lives as well.

For example, as a footballer, do you try to keep the ball and personally try to dribble it into the net, or do you pass it quickly to a free player in your team? Do you give positive encouragement and advice to team mates or shout at them and get angry when someone makes a mistake? Are you open to improving your Football or do you think that you're just right and you don't need training or drills to learn or reinforce skills?

Have a look at the charts below and think about your Football...both your individual skills and how your work as part of a team. Be honest with yourself. Set targets if you want to. Only you can make yourself a better player or a better person. 

What's your mindset?

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Troon AFC Walking Football