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Troon AFC Walking Football 


We are Troon AFC Walking Football, Cornwall. Check in here, for up to date information or look at our Home Page to find out more. 

17 Apr 2024

Upcoming events…

New Walking Football FA rules published  what changes can you spot? (Find a copy in our WhatsApp group)

Upcoming sessions :

Wednesday  17th April: Pool Academy Sports Hall 


Friday   19th April: Cornwall College Camborne 7-8:30pm

Saturday 20th April: Troon AFC, Women Only, 10-11am

Sunday 21st April Calywith Bodmin, friendly and ref training

Wednesday  24th April: Pool Academy Sports Hall 


Friday   26th April: Cornwall College Camborne 7-8:30pm

Saturday 27th April: Troon AFC, Women Only, 10-11am

Wednesday  1st May: Troon AFC 6-8pm

Friday   3rd May: Cornwall College Camborne 7-8:30pm

Saturday 4th May: Troon AFC, Women Only, 10-11am

Wednesday  8th May: Troon AFC 6-8pm

Friday   10th May: Cornwall College Camborne 7-8:30pm

Saturday 11th May: Troon AFC, Women Only, 10-11am

Wednesday  15th May: Troon AFC 6-8pm

Friday  17th May: Cornwall College Camborne 7-8:30pm

Saturday 18th May: Troon AFC, Women Only, 10-11am

Sunday 19th May Troon Tournament 10am-5pm

West Clubs league  prelims at Camborne Change of dates for West Clubs league prelims at Camborne. Now…

 Sunday June 9th - Sun July 14th and August 18th

Finals date awaits

4 Apr 2024

Your Club Needs You!

This is a list of who people have signed up for which event. 

It is not a final list but we do need to know as soon as possible:

  • who is available
  • for which event
  • for which age group or role

You can volunteer to:

  1. play
  2. help out at the event in a non playing capacity
  3. help manage a team
  4. be available as a referee at each event.

If you don't see your name written down, it doesn't mean that you have not been selected.  It just means that you need to tell us (again if necessary).  Please message the usual number or tell Sarah at training, if you'd like your name added or removed.

Thank you for your help and support.



  • 50s ... Neil, Chris, Phil Br, Simon, Markus
  • 60s ... David J,  Phil W, Paul T, Noel, Ann, Pete H
  • 70s ... ?
  • Women ... Ann, Christine, Emma, Marianne

Helping ...Sarah, Claire

Refs ... ?

Manager ... ?


Playing ... Chris, Simon, 

Helping ...?

Refs ... ?

Manager ... ?

EVENT 3 ... 50s LEAGUE 2nd SUNDAY OF JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST (You don't have to be available for all four dates)

  • David J, Neil, Steve T, Chris, Phil W, Noel, Simon, Markus

Helping ...Sarah, 

Refs ... ?

Manager ... ?


Playing ... Chris, Neil, Dave Sh., Phil B, Simon, Markus

Helping ...

Refs ... ?

Manager ... ?

24 Feb 2024
23 Feb 2024
Congratulations to Simon and Phil who were awarded their ’75’ medal this week ⚽️🏅

Congratulations to Simon and Phil who were awarded their ’75’ medal this week ⚽️🏅

16 Feb 2024
6 Feb 2024
To enter a team, email

To enter a team, email

3 Nov 2023

Things that go BUMP …

It’s important to realise how serious a head bump can be… and what we mean by a head bump and concussion. 

It could be getting directly hit in the head by  a ball or another player, or just falling or bumping into another player with enough force to jar your neck. You don’t need to be knocked unconscious to suffer concussion. 

What causes concussion?

Concussion can be caused by a direct blow to the head, but can also occur when a blow to another part of the body results in rapid movement of the head (e.g. whiplash type injuries).

Onset of symptoms

The first symptoms of concussion typically appear immediately or within minutes of injury but may be delayed and appear over 24-48 hours following a head injury. Over the next several days, additional symptoms may become apparent.

Loss of consciousness (being ‘knocked out’) does not always occur in concussion (in fact it occurs in

less than 10% of concussions) and is not required to diagnose concussion.

A concussed player may still be standing up and may not have fallen to the ground after the injury.

What should you do if you suspect that you or another player may be concussed?

 Click the link below to find out….


10 Nov 2023


So many thanks to everyone who took the time to come along yesterday evening to commemorate our dear friend and, walking footballing all round great guy, Mr Eddie Boyd.

It was fantastic to welcome Julie, Eddie’s wife and so many lovely members of Eddie’s family.

Also in attendance were players and supporters past and present from the club, four representatives from the main club committee as well as 2 players from the clubs junior teams making it a really great footballing family and community evening to remember our Eddie.

May I take this opportunity to also thank all of our walking football family and friends who have contributed to Eddie’s Go fund me page in aid of McMillans.

Thanks to your generosity, love and respect you have now raised over £600 which is absolutely amazing, a true testament to yourselves and how regarded Eddie was.

Special thanks to John T at the club for setting up the page you’re a ⭐️!

A sad but glorious evening ( and the rain held off) and I just wonder what the great man himself would have thought of it all? Love and respect to everyone it is an absolute privilege to be part of such a wonderful bunch of people😊⚽️⭐️👏🏻

31 Oct 2023
Having a think 🤔

Having a think 🤔

Over 70s Opportunity

A message from Kev, the league sec…

”Hi All

Frank is hoping to stage an extravaganza of football at Callywith on 4th Feb 2024

First step have any of you got a 70 plus team of 6?  Please take into account that any of your 70-year-olds who play for the CRT are already accounted for. 

If you can't manage a team of 6  but have 2/3/or more 70yr olds please get them to email me and we will put them into a pool to make up teams to play among others (hopefully) the SW Team -CRT 70s  Devon and Dorset.

Similar invites will be put out to your 60plus and 65plus teams in due course

Many Thanks


if you are over 70 and interested, please let us know this week so that we can get back to Kev and support this event. ⚽️

21 Oct 2023
Something to think about…

Something to think about…

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