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Welcome to Troon AFC Walking Football 


We are a Walking Football club based in Troon, Cornwall. Our ethos is: Fun, Friendship, Fitness, Fair Play and Footie.....oh and banana cake! Come and join us to find out why. 

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We are Troon AFC Walking Football. Check in here, for the most up to date information or look at our Home Page to find out more. 

12 Jan 2021

January 2021 -Update

Another year for walking football...eventually.

It's been a sad start to the year for many but we're still here,  As far as we know all of our lovely walking football family are fit and well.  Feel free to check in and update us all as to your doings!  

We are currently hoping that after this lockdown, maybe April time, it will be light enough to start outdoor sessions again, in the evening. Obviously this is all 'depending' but we do have a plan and we are intending to start back as soon as we feel its safe to do so.

The FA have not updated their guidance to us since the start of December but they have issued more guidance on the rules of WF for refs to follow. 

The Cornwall WF committee are not meeting at present so there are no tournaments planned for 2021 and all of the WFA, IWFF and Welsh WF tournaments have been cancelled and are pending new dates.

We will post here when we have news but otherwise we are just living quietly and waiting for everyone to get vaccinated....we were even thinking that given the order people will be vaccinated, walking football should be the first sport to be able to fully resume in the country!

Safe safe everyone.

Where You Can Find Us 

Our Summer Home 

During the summer and on some specific special days, you will find us at Troon AFC Grouter Park, Croft Common, Troon TR14 9TH

What happens at a walking Football session?

This is your Walking Football Coach - Chris Jones

When you come for the first time, allow yourself an extra few minutes to find us and then an extra few minutes to register.  If you plan to arrive at about 5:45pm you'll have plenty of time.

When you get here you'll be greeted by our Head Coach, Chris and by Sarah who will get you all registered and settled in.  (Sarah is our Club Secretary and Welfare Officer).

Troon AFC Walking Football Calendar 

Daughter getting married? Getting nagged to look after the grand kids?  Time to visit your Mother-in-Law

Our NEW 'Calendar of Events', NOW ON the Home Page.  Just click the big blue button and it will take you to our club calendar with dates and important events, holidays, times and places.  Now you can book your own holidays and family events around Walking Football.  Proper Job!

Memory Lane - Stimulate your mind and start a conversation with our blasts from the past!  

An active mind means a quick thinking footballer so pull up an arm chair and start training...

2 Jun 2020
The summer of '76 recorded some of the hottest average temperatures in the UK since records began. At the same time, the country suffered a severe drought - what memories do you have?

Useful Links 

1. Walking Football Governing Bodies

There is more than one organisation in Great Britain, claiming to be the sport's governing body.  All of them were newly started in different regions as the sport developed and none are more than six or seven years old.  In the last couple of years the English FA have also become involved but there are huge regional variations in how 'far along' the game is with regards to leagues and tournaments, Cornwall is a bit late in coming to the party.

Set out below you will find links to some of the organisations who each claim to be the governing body of the game.  They all have slightly different systems in place and ideas for taking the sport forward and we in Cornwall can learn from their mistakes and take the best bits they have developed to make us a national force for good in Walking Football.

Troon AFC are proud to have two of its members on the newly formed  Cornwall FA Committee for Walking Football.

Health and Wellbeing 

Staying Happy and Healthy is Important 

It's all to easy to sit at home all day and become chair bound and getting physically and emotionally weaker and more isolated. We believe that Walking Football is part of the answer but it takes more than that. 

We all need to be proactive about our health and well being. We are 'fighting the tide' and have to get as physically and mentally tough as we can.

Being of a 'certain age' means that sometimes we find talking about health and emotional wellbeing quite difficult. Below you will find some links to pages which you might find useful. We are not endorsing any sites or products, just giving our wonderful community a choice and voice. 

So let's start with the really important stuff...

Tell Us What You Think 

Troon AFC Walking Football Would Love To Hear Your Views and Opinions 

Leave a comment below to tell us what you think about our club.

Are you made to feel valued and welcome?

Are the sessions fun?

Do you feel that your physical and mental health are helped by coming along?

Is it value for money?

Would you recommend us?

Stars out of five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️?

What could we do better?

Clive Fowkes
Great to be back, very enjoyable. Thanks to the organisers. Can't wait for games to start
paul M
great social and physical workouts on Thursdays. a well run club and a pleasure to be part of
John S
Finished playing many years ago and then had to have a new hip, started about a year ago and really enjoying it , its great for fitness and to meet new friends but also for me it gave me the belief I could carry on playing the sport I love, and as the wife says (it get's me out the house for one night a week ) very well run by Chris and Sarah and caters for all ages and abilities and a very friendly atmosphere , Would recommend it to anyone
Clive F
My first night at WF on 19/02. Great session everyone helpful and friendly. Don't knock it til you try it. It's faster than you think.
Paul J
"Living in Essex and playing for an over 65ss in Harlow. I was recovering from surgery. I was staying with family in Helston and noticed Troon AFC on Google. I contacted Chris and was invited along. I must say that Troon WF organisation is 2nd to none. As a stranger from London what impressed me was the friendly reception I received, and then how well the club is organised. I'm not surprised they have potential England players and hopefully I can share my experience with my home club (Paringdon Pirates Harlow) , with a veiw to improve our training methods. "
Absolutely no judgment of age or ability, just turn up, enjoy the game
Happy anniversary guys well done

Well done to all but especially Chris and Sarah. You are very bright stars in many people's lives. :))
Happy 1st anniversary, onwards and upwards. Xx
You both run a fantastic club, we are lucky to have such a great friendly club to be able to take part in our walking football, I dont no about anyone else but walking football is the highlight of my week , thanks to the both of you for making this happen,not just for me but everyone who attends.
Joined on the first day having never played football and thoroughly enjoy every session. Learning to play as a team with the main ethos to keep fit physically as well as mentally. Highly recommended for interactivity with fellow walking footballers. Five star for the training sessions and the company off all.

Our Weekly Gallery - Look What We've Been Up To!

Troon AFC Walking Football Special Events, Festivals and Tournaments

13 Feb 2020
Troon AFC Walking Football